Holy Orgasm!

Green Horns

It was the year 1992, my friend and I (both freshers at the university) had gone in for the required medical examination and we were in the process of completing the initial questionnaire. Suddenly we both shouted: huh!? We had each stumbled upon an unexpected question: “Do you still enjoy sex?” And the only available responses on the questionnaire were either ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ We were virgins (I love the sound of it) and none of these available answers was suitable. And what was the import of such a question anyway?

Up Our Sleeves

Having been married since December 2001 (well over 15 years now) I do appreciate the extreme importance of ‘enjoying sex’ in marriage. A resource person, and a role model, drove the point home on TV when he emphasised that, he always made sure that his wife always had orgasm anytime they had sex. Sadly, it is the case that many married people underestimate the value of sex, and the need to ensure that their partners do enjoy good and adequate sex. Indeed, there is abundant indications to suggest that a lot of people have issues regarding sex when they marry, and a lot of the problems in marriages could be attributed to poor sex life; besides finances and communication which are shear lubricants to good quality and satisfactory sex in marriage.

01 December 2017 |

I take this opportunity to wish my dear wife Happy 16th Anniversary! 75 years more to go; then eternity!!! 🙂

There is a Chief Cause

The causes of poor sex life are numerous, and could include childhood experiences; however, chiefly among them is that, couples lack early and adequate orientation on the subject, especially in the Ghanaian and African cultures; often, because of the sensitive nature of the subject and so sexual needs are largely unfulfilled, especially in Christian marriages.

Not too long ago, my wife and I received an invite to talk to a group of young Christian enthusiasts on the matter of sex; in a form of a premarital guidance under the theme: ‘Sexuality behind the vail.’ And they wanted my usual candid approach to topics on #Productivity to bear on this all important subject of sexuality. Likewise, in this presentation, we will be as candid as we ought, as we provide adequate guidance on what you definitely need to know about sex in order to enjoy it in your marriage.

We will deal with ‘How to choose an ideal partner,’ ‘How to plan a beautiful marriage ceremony on any budget,’ ‘How to get to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs,’ ‘The number of times couples should have sex,’ and so much more!


Parking for the Journey

Watch this space, and watch our social media platforms! 😉

08 December 2001


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