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EEE-Z! [Pronounced: /ˈiiːzi/ or /ˈē-zē/ or /ee-zee/]

This is tailored to favour students/pupils, especially those who want to excel far beyond their current performance. It picks from parts of our main training, and we have a special offer for schools.

Benefits to Participants and Other Stakeholders::


We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn
– Peter Drucker [The world’s foremost Management guru]

  1. Participants will learn how to learn; they will get to know the ‘EIA3R Formula’ – the world’s best method of learning and get to become unstoppable in their education and career pursuits.

  2. Participants will additionally get to know and use ‘The 7×3 Learning Method – Retention Matrix.’ This will significantly enhance their learning experience; they will be able to remember facts and figures in ways they have never thought possible for themselves before!

  3. Participants will begin to get so many times more information from any material they read, watch or listen to; than what others will get from the same material.

  4. Participants will be able to master any subject, vocation or skill in a relatively short time. No subject would ever appear difficult to them again! They will deeply understand anything and everything they read and excel beyond their wildest imagination; scoring some of the highest marks ever in any course of study.

  5. And so much more!


You see, a lot of people learn by mainly reading, and that is a big part of the problem. And so for most academic institutions, the academic performance pyramid looks like the one shown; with a heavy majority performing poorly, and a very few (just 3%) performing excellently. Academic Pyramid

The sad reality is that, though popular, Reading is a lower learning method; so ordinarily, if a person reads something, he/she is likely to remember only 10 percent of it, after 2 weeks. There are 12 methods in the series, and the higher methods of learning allow a person to understand so well, and to remember over 90 percent; even after 2 weeks; so much more effective! The methods are beautifully outlined in the Brainy Acts for Learners training/manual, which forms part of the EEE-Z! Training; get a copy/copies or subscribe online, or call +233.26.637.7777 for the Training. Could be for your children/wards and any of your people who are in school or pursuing any course of study; could be a donation to your former school (alma mater), and/or the teens/youth in your church, neighbourhood, etc. They will never cease to thank you; they will forever be grateful to you! The training/manual is that powerful!!! You may click here to see more.


It may interest you to note that, Dave – our CEO – personally applies the principles, techniques and strategies involved in EEE-Z! and can attest to their efficacy. He used the methods to top the WAEC, and the University exams; and more! You may click here for this amazing testimonial.


Our goal is to canvas support to train especially the children and youth of Ghana and Africa to acquire and apply the principles to unearth/harness their true/hidden potential and thus prepare them to face their academics, and life in general, with extreme confidence and poise, and excel beyond the ordinary, and thus positively affect the development of Ghana and Africa tangibly and exceptionally. This is articulated in the ‘BrinBackOurEduction with EEE-Z!’ Campaign; you may click here to see more.

Help us to achieve this!
Together we can achieve far more!



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