The importance of Learning ‘How to Learn’

The importance of Learning ‘How to Learn and Get the Most out of Write-Ups and Other Presentations’ is well captured in the admonition of Peter F Drucker (the world’s foremost management guru) that…

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change, and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn


Firstly, there is one fundamental secret about all great doers/achievers of the calibre we need to raise; it is that, in the area or things in which they excel and make a difference, they educate themselves by their own effort; especially since the special knowledge, attitude, and skills one requires to make that kind of difference are usually not taught in the mainstream; they make the effort to learn on their own using very simple techniques that anyone can also use and consequently excel just as they did, and even more!



Secondly, it is possible to thoroughly understand all subjects in any course of study, and obtain strictly excellent grades in all of them. All it takes is: knowing some key principles for getting the most out of write-ups and lectures, and nothing else would matter!


GodSexPoliticsYou see, a lot of people learn by mainly reading, and that is quite problematic. And so for most academic institutions, the academic performance pyramid looks like as shown below; with a heavy majority performing poorly, and a very few performing excellently.

The sad reality is that, though popular, Reading is a lower learning method; so ordinarily, if a person reads something, he/she is likely to remember only 10 percent of it, after 2 weeks. They may be very religious people; praise, pray, give offerings, and all that, but they may still be ignorant of these, and suffer the consequences. How so true, that for lack of knowledge people perish!

There are 12 methods of learning in the series, and the higher methods of learning allow a person to understand so well, and to remember over 90 percent; even after 2 weeks; so much more effective! You may click here to see details.




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